About Letts

One of our printing machines in our factory
Heat fixing the ink on customized printed rolls
One of the assembly lines for customized branding
Etching of the aluminium printing plates with the clients’ customized design
Assembling leather diary and notebook covers by hand

Over 200 Years of British excellence. Letts diaries and notebooks project an image of luxury, timeless quality and innovative design. Letts is the world’s most foremost purveyor of exquisitely crafted refined diaries and notebooks.

A Letts diary or notebook is the corporate gift of distinction; providing the recipient with individual flexibility, personal choice and the ability to organize with ease. Simple to use, a diary or notebook is portable, durable and functional. It will not shut down or lose connection and provides a lasting written connection over the years.

Let our team design a unique and special gift. Customize any Letts diary or notebook to project your corporate identity and meet your requirements. Whether it be for your internal staff, customer loyalty, sales incentive or to present at an important event our team will assist you at every step and position your name in front of people you want to reach throughout the entire year.